Worst Kept Secret (WKS)

What we do…

The WKS offers a confidential helpline which is free and does not show up on landline bills. The specially trained staff will offer support to callers who may simply want a listening ear, but will also furnish the caller with any relevant further information they may require which may include support referrals or appointments with specialist law firms.
The service works tirelessly to raise awareness of the issues faced by survivors of domestic abuse via social marketing distributing materials including leaflets, flyers and posters.
The service can also offer training on healthy relationships and domestic abuse to schools and professionals for a fee.

Who we support…

  • Women
  • Men
  • Children

What we can help with…

  • Helpline for support


  • Knowsley
  • Liverpool
  • Sefton
  • St Helens
  • Wirral

Opening hours...

Please see our website for further details.

In an emergency call


In a non emergency call


Call Crimestoppers on

0800 555 111

Contact Stop Hate UK

0800 138 1625

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