This service is designed to provide free and confidential practical and emotional support to victims of any crime identified as vulnerable on Merseyside.

This service has been delivered by Victim Support since 2015. 

Victim Support provide emotional and practical support to all vulnerable victims, including those that could be considered as suffering ‘less serious’ crimes, although potentially causing significant emotional or financial impact upon individuals.

This can include, for example, victims of burglary, robbery, violent crime, vehicle crime, fraud cases, and stalking or harassment cases. 

It also includes high-risk victims of crime-related anti-social behaviour.

They can help with:

  • Emotional support and advice;
  • Advocacy with police and other agencies;
  • Security advice and crime prevention;
  • Referral to specialist support;
  • Advice on criminal injuries claims.

Victim Support work closely with Merseyside Police to receive reports of victims identified as vulnerable, and respond according to the individual need of the victim.

Vulnerability can take many forms, including persistently targeted victims, younger or older people, and victims with mental health issues, learning difficulties, the disabled, socially excluded or isolated.

The service also provides care and support for vulnerable victims identified by national agencies, such as Action Fraud.

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